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Where To Stay In Pattaya - Everything You Need To Know
Where To Stay in Pattaya - A Quick Guide

Where To Stay In Pattaya

Where To Stay In Pattaya - Everything You Need To Know

This one-stop guide to where to stay in Pattaya will give you everything you need to know so that your stay in Pattaya is fun, memorable and hassle-free.

We're going to talk about..

bullet  Getting to Pattaya from Bangkok.

bullet  Accommodation types and prices in Pattaya.

bullet  Areas in Pattaya and what they have to offer.

bullet  Talk About Getting Around In Pattaya

bullet  Share Some Handy Tips

But first a little context..

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. With its beautiful beaches, interesting history and amazing shopping, not to mention the world-famous nightlife, it isn‘t hard to understand why.

Tourist arrivals to Thailand have been steadily increasing in recent years and in 2016 they reached record highs of around 35.5 million.

While Bangkok received the lions share of those visitors, around a third of them also spent time in the popular seaside resort of Pattaya.

Pattaya city is about 125km, or a couple of hours by car, from the capital’s international airports - Suvarnabhumi (pronounced sue–wan-na-poom) and Don Mueang.

When you visit Thailand, you'll be arriving via one of these Bangkok international airports and will then need to transfer from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Where To Stay In Pattaya - Everything You Need  To Know

Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya

We’re going to focus on transfers from Suvarnabhumi International Airport as most international arrivals these days land here as opposed to Don Mueang, which caters more to local arrivals and international flights from within Asia.

There are a few options available once you have cleared immigration in Bangkok to get to Pattaya.

The easiest is to get a taxi which will set you back somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000 Thai baht dependent on how good you are a negotiating and whether you pre-book.

If this is your first visit to Thailand then pre-booking your private transfer, despite it being a little more expensive, might be worth considering simply because it will save you the hassle of sorting out a taxi when you arrive.

If you're a more adventurous or experienced traveller, you can just grab a taxi from outside the airport once you've cleared immigration by following the signs.

Tip: The prices quoted above exclude any motorway tolls (normally between 80 and 150 Thai baht in total), which you are expected to pay in addition to your agreed taxi fare, so it's a good idea to ensure you have some smaller Thai baht notes on you before you get into your taxi - maybe just buy a drink or something in one of the shops in the airport so as to ‘break’ a large note.

Other options for getting from Bangkok to Pattaya include using one of the minibus services offered from the counters in the airport after you clear immigration or the cheapest option is to get a public bus which departs hourly, on the hour, from 7 am to 10 pm. You can buy tickets near gate 8 on level 1 of Suvarnabhumi Airport but, unless you're on a very tight budget, these options aren't recommended for first-time visitors.

Like all tourist destinations, Pattaya has a high season and a low season. High season is between late November and March. Low season is April through to mid/late November.

Unless you know where to stay in Pattaya because you have visited before, it's advisable to pre-book a hotel for at least a few nights until you become more familiar with your surroundings and the city.

Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya

Accommodation in Pattaya - Types and Prices

Pattaya has historically been one of Thailand‘s busiest holiday resorts and so there are thousands of guesthouses, mid-range hotels, luxury resorts, condos, and other accommodation options. You really are spolit for choice in Pattaya.

To give you some idea of what’s available and help you decide on where to stay in Pattaya, let's run through your options.

Guesthouses - from 350 Baht per night


pros  Cheap and Flexible

pros  Convenient For Nightlife

cons  Usually No Joiner Fees


cons  Very Basic Accommodation

cons  No Additional Facilities

pros  Often In Noisy Areas

Guesthouses in Pattaya are usually either privately owned small hotels or rooms offered for long or short term rental above businesses like bars, agogos, shops, and restaurants. They are similar to booking bed and breakfast type accommodation in the west.

We have booked rooms in Pattaya guesthouses many times before and they can be a very convenient option, especially if you‘re travelling light, want flexibility and aren‘t that bothered about hotel-like amenities like a swimming pool, inclusive meals, etc.

Another thing to be aware of is that most guesthouse rooms in Pattaya are located in the main entertainment areas, so if you‘re looking to get to bed early then this option possibly isn't for you.

The rooms are normally clean and include a double bed, bathroom with shower, air conditioning and sometimes have a balcony too.

The price of a guesthouse room in Pattaya ranges between 350 baht and 1000 baht a night depending on its location and the amenities on offer.

While more and more guesthouse operators are getting listed on hotel booking sites, there are still many who aren‘t and can only be booked by contacting the venue directly or just walking in off the street and seeing what's available.

Find a great deal on available guesthouses in Pattaya at and save up to 50%

Mid-Range Hotels - from 500 Baht per night


pros  Often less noisy than guesthouses

pros  Normally have on-site amenities like a swimming pool, gym and restaurant

cons  Convenient For Nightlife


cons  Slightly more expensive than guesthouses

cons  Sometimes not as laid back and friendly as guesthouses

pros  Might charge Joiner Fees

The next step up from guesthouses in Pattaya would be a mid-range hotel which will cost between 1000 baht and 2000 baht per night and can be booked either by walking in off the street or via hotel booking sites like and Agoda who often have discounts that are only available online.

These hotels are mid-range accommodation and often do have additional facilities like a swimming pool, room service and a restaurant on-site. The rooms are normally quite large and often have a balcony, a sofa, and sometimes a desk.

Booking a mid-range hotel in Pattaya means that you might be a short distance away from the main entertainment areas so the rooms are often quieter inside than guesthouses.

These hotels offer very good value for money especially if you compare them to equivalent hotels back home, in the west.

Find a great deal on available mid-range hotels in Pattaya at

Luxury Resorts in Pattaya - from 2,000 baht per night


pros  Family Friendly

pros  Large Choice of Amenities

cons  Western Style Service and Standards


cons  Expensive Compared to Other Options

cons  Often Situated Away From Central Pattaya

pros  Usually charge Joiner Fees

If budget is no issue for you then Pattaya has some fantastic luxury hotels and resorts.

When you choose to stay in a luxury hotel or resort in Pattaya, you will get world-class accommodation and service and so you should also expect to pay western prices - even with some of the amazing discount deals offered online, a luxury hotel in Pattaya will cost you anywhere between 2000 baht and as much as you care to pay.

Find a great deal on available luxury hotels in Pattaya at

Condos - from 15,000 baht per month (or 500 baht a day)


pros  Home from Home / Self Catering

pros  Freedom To Do As You Please

cons  Usually Includes a Swimming Pool and Gym


cons  Deposit Normally Required

cons  Not As Easy To Arrange As A Hotel

pros  Once Booked, You’re Tied In

A less talked about option if you're looking for accommodation in Pattaya is to rent a condo.

This may sound extravagant but due to the high density of condos in and around the city it can, in fact, cost the same as staying in a mid-range hotel and most condo complexes have on-site swimming pools and a gym.

Some of the benefits of renting a condo include more privacy, no per person charges if you want to spend time with friends - old and new, and you get the freedom to do whatever you like - it‘s home from home.

On the less positive side, you can generally only rent a condo for slightly longer periods (i.e. a month or more) and once you’ve paid you are tied in so the condo option doens’t give you much flexibility.

Also, if you decide to rent a condo then you may need to pay a deposit that is equivalent to 1 month’s rent (sometimes more) and Thai landlords don't have the best reputation when it comes to refundable deposits.

As we mentioned above, this is home from home so there are not normally any laundry or cleaning services included and you will need to arrange your own meals too.

So, how do you go about renting a condo in Pattaya? You could use a service like Airbnb or you could just pop on Facebook and join a few of the groups where short-term condo rentals are advertised by owners and property management agents. We’ve had a lot of success with the Facebook route in the past.

Pattaya City Areas And What They Have To Offer

Now that you’re all in the know about the types of accommodation available in Pattaya and roughly what they cost, let’s take a look at the main areas for visitors, tourists, and expats around the city so you can decide where to stay in Pattaya, depending on what you’ll be doing most.

South Pattaya And Walking Street

South Pattaya is where you’ll find Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street - the main entertainment area in Pattaya.

Walking Street is where you’ll find most of the bigger Agogo bars, live music bars, nightclubs and also a great selection of restaurants.

If all night partying and the wild side of Pattaya is what you're after then staying here could be your best choice.

Looking for a more in-depth view of some of Pattaya's bars, clubs and agogos? Check out our Pattaya Nightlife Directory for plenty of reviews and photos.

Pattaya Central And Beach Road

Pattaya Central is the area adjacent to Pattaya Beach, it stretches about 3-4km from Pattaya North Road (Pattaya Nua) to Pattaya South Road (Pattaya Tai).

The middle stretch of Beach Road is another of Pattaya’s nightlife hotspots. It is in the sois (alleys or side streets in Thailand) that run between Beach Road and Pattaya 2nd Road that you'll find endless guesthouses, hotels, beer bars, a few agogos, massage parlours, and so much more.

Notable sois along Beach Road include;

bullet  Soi 6 - all the naughtiness you can handle

bullet  Soi 7 - lots of open-air beer bars

bullet  Soi 8 - a good selection of beer bars and a live music bar

bullet  Soi 13/2 - aka Soi Post Office, known for its massage parlours, bars, and agogos

bullet  Soi 13/4 - Boys Town, one of Pattaya’s gay red light areas

This isn’t a particularly attractive part of town, but you will have the beach and nightlife right on your doorstep and there are lots of reasonably priced hotels and guesthouses in the Pattaya Central And Beach Road area.

If you’re coming for Pattaya’s nightlife but don't want to pay Walking Street prices this could be your ideal location.

Looking for a more in-depth view of some of Pattaya's bars, clubs and agogos? Check out our Pattaya Nightlife Directory for plenty of reviews and photos.

Soi Baukhao And LK Metro

Soi Baukhao, which is often missed by first-time visitors to Pattaya, is a very popular area with expats as well as long-term visitors.

Everything in this part of Pattaya is notably less expensive than other areas in Pattaya and with its great choice of affordable hotels and guesthouses, it makes a good choice for the budget conscious Pattaya visitor.

As well as having its own busy nightlife scene, you can also find Soi LK Metro in this part of Pattaya, which is the city’s second biggest concentration of Agogos after Walking Street.

A personal favourite, Soi Baukhao And LK Metro are well worth considering.

Looking for a more in-depth view of some of Pattaya's bars, clubs and agogos? Check out our Pattaya Nightlife Directory for plenty of reviews and photos.

North Pattaya

If you’re planning a holiday in Pattaya for great food, comfortable accommodation and lazy days around the pool then North Pattaya is for you.

This part of the city is a little quieter and quite a long walk from the centre of town but Pattaya Central and Walking Street are easily accessible using one of the many baht buses that head south down Beach Road.

Pattaya North is most popular with more affluent visitors and families. The Dusit Thani or Holiday Inn are great choices if western style, resort accommodation is what you’re after.

Jomtien Beach

Jomtien has a much more relaxed, laid-back feel than Pattaya with its very long beautiful beach. It is perfect for lazy days by the beach and popular with expats, families, and Thais. There is also quite a large Russian population in the Jomtien area too.

Jomtien Beach is about 5km from Pattaya Central but Pattaya is easily accessible via a 20-minute baht bus ride which costs 10 baht each way, per person.

During public holidays and at weekends, Jomtien Beach does get quite busy because it is very popular with Thai people who visit from Bangkok and beyond. Don’t worry though because the beach is so long that you can always find an idyllic spot to enjoy the scenery and great weather.

Jomtien has some great, reasonably priced accommodation options including hotels and condos if you prefer to go self-catering.

Getting Around in Pattaya

One of the things we’ve always liked about Pattaya is that it is so easy to get around, here are the options.

(Obviously, knowing that you can get about easily and inexpensively will help you to decide on where to stay in Pattaya with confidence.)

Baht Buses (also known as Songtaews)

The most popular and cost-effective way to get around in Pattaya is to use the baht buses which cost 10 baht per person, per trip/ride - how long you’re actually on the baht bus is irrelevant to the fee.

The main baht bus routes are:

bullet  Southward down Beach Road

bullet  Northward up Pattaya 2nd Road

bullet  Up and Down Soi Baukhao (via Walking Street)

bullet  Walking Street to Jomtien (or Na Jamtien and back again)

It can take a little bit of trial and error to get used to using the baht buses but once you get the hang of it, getting around in Pattaya is both very easy and cheap.

To catch a baht bus you will need to wave at them as they approach and they will briefly stop for you to get on. When you’re ready to get off you’ll need to ring the bell using one of the buttons dotted around the bus. When they hear the bell, the driver will stop so you can get off. All you need to do now is pay him your 10 baht. Easy!

Tip: It’s a good idea to keep hold of any 5 or 10 baht coins so that you can give the baht bus drivers exactly 10 baht. We have found on a number of occasions that if you give them larger notes, your ride might cost you 15 baht instead of 10!

Finally, if you’re ever unsure about where a baht bus is heading, just ask the driver.

Motorbike Taxis

If you need to go somewhere that isn’t on a baht bus route or you just want to get there quickly then the next most cost-effective way to get around in Pattaya would be using the motorbike taxis.

You’ll see motorbike taxi drivers on virtually every street corner wearing their bright orange jackets.

To use a motorbike taxi, just tell the driver where you want to go and he’ll give you a price.

As a general rule of thumb, each motorbike taxi ride within the Pattaya City area should cost no more than about 50 baht, per person.

If you’re heading from Jomtien to Pattaya or vice-versa then the fare should be around 150 baht per person.

This is Thailand and it is entirely possible that the driver will quote you a higher fare than the ones mentioned above, especially if he believes you’re new in town. Be strong - if you are not happy with his price, walk away and find another one.

Whatever you do, make sure you agree on the price before you get on the motorbike.

Taxi Meters

Another way to get around in Pattaya is by using the brightly coloured meter taxis but be aware that the meter-taxis in Pattaya don’t actually use a meter!

To use a meter taxi, you need to ask the driver if he’ll take you to wherever it is you’re heading. The driver will then quote his price.

Once you have the price it’s a kinda ’take it or leave it’ deal.

You could try haggling if you’re not happy with the price but invariably they won’t negotiate, in our experience.

Baht Bus - Private Hire

It might be worth mentioning that, if a baht bus is empty, then you can hire them privately by simply talking to the driver.

This can be handy if you want to go somewhere outside of the baht bus routes, you’re part of a large group or you have a load of luggage with you.

To hire a baht bus privately, you simply agree on a price with the driver, hop on, hop off and pay the agreed fare.

Useful Tips When Staying in Pattaya

Joiner Fees - What Are They?

You may have heard or read the terms ‘Joiner Fee’ or ‘Guest Friendly’ and be wondering what it means?

Joiner fees are charges that hotels can request if you have one or more unregistered guests in your hotel room overnight.

While this article is specifically about accommodation in Pattaya, joiner fees are actually a legal prerogative of hotels worldwide, not just in Pattaya.

In Pattaya, joiner fees can range from several hundred baht to a thousand baht or even more per guest, per night.

While joiner fee scams have been known to exist, the fee in itself isn't always a rip-off. It is usually a policy decision by the hotel management that is used to discourage (or encourage in the case of guest friendly hotels) customers who are likely to bring overnight guests back to their room frequently during their stay.

A ‘Guest Friendly’ hotel is where the hotel’s normal policy is not to charge for your unregistered guest to stay with you overnight.

Additionally, for your hotel to be considered guest friendly, you should be able to bring different unregistered guests back to your room every night without incurring additional charges.

An important note here is that even guest friendly hotels usually operate on the basis of the first additional, unregistered guest being free. If you bring more than one additional guest back to your room then you should expect them to charge you extra.

Lists of guest friendly hotels are very common on the internet and can be easily found with a quick Google search..

It is also important to understand that even when a hotel is considered and advertises themselves as guest friendly, they still retain the legal right to charge for additional unregistered guests if they wish too. Waiving the charge is offered merely as a courtesy by the hotel management.

The best way the ensure that your accommodation is guest friendly and you won’t be racking up joiner fees during your stay is to just ask before you book. Simple really!

You could do a search for the hotel your planning to stay in but it’s easier, in our opinion, to simply send them a quick email or give them a call.

If you find out that your prospective hotel or guesthouse does charge joiner fees then you may want to look elsewhere if you are planning on having regular unregistered guests during your stay.

Also, bear in mind that the option to charge joiner fees is normally used by hotels and accommodation providers as a disciplinary measure i.e. to stop people from booking a room and then having multiple unregistered guests in their room every night.

While a hotel might be guest friendly, that doesn't mean they welcome wild partying night in, night out so be sure to make sure your accommodation fits with your plans otherwise you could be facing some hefty additional charges during your stay.

Finally, if you do take an unregistered guest back to your hotel or guesthouse then you will still need to let reception know and provide them with a copy of your guests’ identification. In Thailand, this is absolutely normal policy and done to protect both you and the hotel in the event of an incident.

A Closing Tip - Travel Like A Pattaya Regular!

This is more of a tip than anything else. Many Pattaya regulars don’t book any accommodation before they arrive!

Instead, they come to Pattaya, head for Soi Baukhao or Pattaya Central and book into a guesthouse for a few nights. That should cost between 500 and 1000 baht per night for a reasonable, clean en-suite room.

Once they are here and have acclimatised, they'll look for a hotel to move to for the remainder of their stay.

Why do they do this? There are so many hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation options (like condos etc) in Pattaya that are not available via the internet and they quite often have deals that are only available in person.

So, if you‘re a carefree and confident traveller then this might be an option worth considering.

That’s All From Us Folks!

We hope you have found this article useful and that you’re feeling more confident and knowledgeable about where to stay in Pattaya.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments about this article then please feel free to let us know.

You could also leave a comment on either Facebook or Twitter.

Enjoy your holiday in Pattaya!

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