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Soi Cowboy, Bangkok
Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok

A Little Soi Cowboy History

Soi Cowboy was named after a cowboy hat-wearing American, T G Edwards, who opened the first bar there in the early 1970s. This short 150m long street in Bangkok is one of the three main adult light entertainment areas, the other two being Nana Plaza and Patpong.

Soi Cowboy may only be 150m long but it is home to about 40 go go bars and a few beer bars too. This popular tourist attraction has also been in a number of movies over the years too, including Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Bangkok Dangerous and The Hangover Part 2.

A Little Soi Cowboy History

Girls, Bars and Agogos

Soi Cowboy is very commercialised these days and so can be an expensive night out when compared to other places in Bangkok. It's bright neon lights and beautiful thai girls attract a large range of people of all ages but, in the main, it caters to western male tourists and expats.

Situated near the Sukhumvit Road, between Sukhumvit Soi 21 - also known as Soi Asoke - and Soi 23, it is easily within walking distance of Terminal 21 shopping centre, the BTS Asok Station and the Metro's Sukhumvit Station.

The agogo bars in Soi Cowboy follow a common pattern seen in all the major tourist cities in Thailand which is that premium priced drinks are served by the bars and clubs while their girls entertain the customers by dancing for them on a go go stage, often topless and sometimes nude. The women are also available to “keep the customers company” in exchange for “lady drinks” which are generally more expensive than regular drinks as they earn commission on each drink they are bought.

You could also take the women out of their bar for a fee known as a “bar fine” which ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand baht per time dependant on the girl, the time and how busy the bar is.

Once she has left the bar with you, you will also then have to pay her a negotiable fee for her time - normally a few thousand baht - which is dependent on how long you want her to stay with you and what you want to do! She may also expect you to pay any additional expenses and maybe buy her a gift or two as well.

Girls, Bars and Agogos

Go See it!

The flashing neon lights and noisy atmosphere of this colourful adult playground, right in the centre of Bangkok, known as Soi Cowboy, has attracted everyone from your average group of guys - or girls - on holiday, to millionaire playboys, to movie producers looking for a new set and even quite a few curious couples.

Filled with endless competing cries from the sexy, bikini clad girls who work there of 'hello, welcome!' as they try to lure people into their go-go bar, it's certainly an experience and one that you are unlikely to forget so it's definitely worth going to see when your in Bangkok whatever your intentions!

If you were looking for reviews of a specific bars or agogos in Soi Cowboy, then please see our Bangkok Nightlife Directory.

Go See it!

Soi Cowboy, Bangkok - Location

Sat Jan 21 2017
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