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Mixx Discotheque Pattaya, Walking Street, Pattaya
Mixx Discotheque Pattaya, Walking Street, Pattaya

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya, Walking Street, Pattaya

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Mixx Discotheque Pattaya, Walking Street, Pattaya

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya Review - What to Expect

Mixx Discotheque Pattaya has been packing in the crowds since way back in 2007. The older sister club of Mixx Discotheque Bangkok, it is situated at the far end of Pattaya Walking Street. If you are coming from the Beach Road, you'll see the sign for Mixx Discotheque glowing from the top of Bali Hai Plaza as you get to the far end of Walking Street.

Entry to Mixx is free and you get to choose from two clubs once you have got past their security, on the left you'll find the more popular of the two, Rouge Club which pays Hip Hop and RnB, on the right there's Crystal Palace which is where you need to go if trance, house and EDM are more your thing.

The club is quite large and has a glamorous feel with the cage-like podiums occupied by attractive dancers dotted around the venue. The crowd in Mixx Pattaya is quite varied being a mix of Walking Street tourists, couples, Pattaya locals and wealthier Thais from Bangkok which makes for a great party vibe to start a fun-filled night out.

Rouge Club, with it's Hip Hop and RnB vibe, tends to be more popular and so fills up quickly after about 10pm so if you are planning on staying the night we would suggest you get a bottle in and take advantage of the VIP area which means that, as well as having a base for the night with some comfortable seating, you'll also have the best view of all the action.

Mixx is a very popular club in Pattaya but with it's free entry, it does fill up quickly from around 9.30pm at the weekend, maybe a little later during the week. The crowd and atmosphere are fun and the sexy podium dancers just add that extra bit of glamour.

One other point to mention is that while some of the girls you'll find in Mixx nightclub might work in Pattaya's bars and agogos, it isn't really the place to go if that's your intention for the night - Club Insomnia would be a better option for you.

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Photos taken at Mixx Discotheque Pattaya, Walking Street, Pattaya

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