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808 Club, Walking Street, Pattaya
808 Club, Walking Street, Pattaya

808 Club, Walking Street, Pattaya

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808 Club, Walking Street, Pattaya

808 Club Review - What to Expect

If you’re in the mood for some all night partying in Pattaya then 808 club is well worth considering. Situated above the Candyshop live music bar in Walking street, 808 has it all going on with their incredibly loud, state-of-the-art sound system, amazing lighting and fun loving, all-night party crowd.

The layout inside 808 is similar to other clubs in Pattaya - the DJ booth is at the back of the club as you walk in, overlooking the dance floor in an alter like manner. The dance floor, which is surrounded by seating and tables, is downstairs and overlooked by the upstairs balconies of the VIP area. They also have an outside seating area where you can enjoy a cold drink and a puff on a shisha - if that’s your thing - and things get a little too hot or crazy for you inside.

Drinks are competitive and they do regular deals and promotions on bottles of spirits which, in our opinion, is the only way to go if you’re out on an all-nighter in Thailand - the associated table service provided by 808’s friendly, efficient bar staff is also an added bonus as you don’t need to worry about going to the bar.

The local and international DJs at 808 Club, who play primarily house and hip hop, have made the club a firm favourite with young energetic locals, expats and tourists who are looking for a relaxed, care free, fun-filled night out. It’s also worth mentioning that unlike some of it’s competitors, 808 Club doesn’t have any formal dress code to speak of which helps them to attract the spontaneous crowd too!

We have been to 808 many times since it opened back in 2014 and we always have fun-filled, crazy nights there. The crowd are a bit more relaxed and care free than some of the other clubs in Pattaya and the sound system is seriously loud so be warned that a night at 808 means your ear-drums are in for a serious workout!

To find out about their upcoming events, latest offers and promotions we suggest you check out their facebook page. In the meantime we have also added a few photos taken at 808 Club recently for you to enjoy below.

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Photos taken at 808 Club, Walking Street, Pattaya

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