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Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok
Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok

Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok

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Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok

Insanity Nightclub Review - What to Expect

Insanity Bangkok, in Sukhumvit Soi 12, which to be called Insomnia Bangkok, is not far from the BTS and MRT stations near Asoke. Insanity is very popular with local Thai girls, expats and tourists. Insanity opens at 10pm nightly but doesn’t usually start getting busy until around midnight. They charge an entrance fee of a few hundred baht per person which does include one drink.

The club is huge and consists of a large dance floor with a raised dancing podiums in the centre and some VIP booths along one wall where people can watch the night unfold from a few feet above. They play mostly house, hip hop and trance music and there are always lots of staff on hand to look after you and take your drink orders at your table, which saves the hassle of squeezing your way to the bar on a busy night. They also have staff walking around with trays full of promotional, alcoholic ice slushy shots and colourful syringe shots that you inject into your mouth - just to ramp up the Insanity!

If you’re hungry, then there is an American style diner called V8 attached to Insanity where you can buy European and Thai food. The food is very cheap and they serve beer too so they are great for a quick bite! If you eat at the V8 Diner then they will allow you free entry to Insanity through a side door which connects the two venues.

Insanity is a major pick joint for local freelancers and bar girls who have finished work so if you’re a foreign guy and you get inundated with flattering attention from endless beautiful women, now you know why! Most of the Thai girls you’ll find in Insanity are freelancers who go to there to work as well as play.

One other tip we should mention is that Insanity run a commission based promotion with the taxi drivers in Bangkok where the driver will get around 100 baht for every customer they bring to the club so if you ask a taxi to take you to a good night club in Bangkok there is a very real chance you will land up in Insanity!

Insanity is a great night out in Bangkok. They are always hosting events and promotion nights which you can find out more about via the Insanity website or their Facebook page.

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Photos taken at Insanity Nightclub, Sukhumvit 12, Bangkok

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