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Bangkok Bunnies, Nana, Bangkok
Bangkok Bunnies, Nana, Bangkok

Bangkok Bunnies, Nana, Bangkok

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Bangkok Bunnies, Nana, Bangkok

Bangkok Bunnies Review - What to Expect

Bangkok Bunnies Agogo is on the ground floor of Nana Plaza as you enter the complex - in fact it takes up the whole of the left hand side and with their unmissable sign and the army of sexy girls outside, it makes them virtually impossible to miss!

This is arguably one of the biggest Agogos in the Bangkok nightlife scene and the owners have spared no expense when it comes to delivering a truly excellent service.

Outside they have a large seating area which also has a pool table where you can sit and take in the buzz of Nana Plaza, chat with the girls or just enjoy a few beers.

It's when you go inside that it will really hit you how good Bangkok Bunnies Agogo really is though. The space inside is equally impressively large and accommodates two dance stages with a Jacuzzi in-between them where the girls perform their super-naughty shows intermittently through the evening.

The seating inside is a mixture of comfortable leather couches, agogo-style bench sofas and bar stools if you want to get up close to the stages.

On the evening we visited them, the service was second to none - very efficient indeed. The music was also great but the best thing is that it isn't at a volume where you can't have a conversation. We think this is one of the biggest ‘mistakes’ many agogos often make, so another plus there.

Bangkok Bunnies was just really impressive - take the awesome decor, atmosphere, music and service and add so many fun-loving sexy girls that you won't know where to look and you have a winning formula in the world in running an Agogo bar! That is exactly what they have done at Bangkok Bunnies - the variety and quantity of girls is unparalleled in our experience.

Just in case you thought we forgot to cover this, the prices at Bangkok Bunnies are competitive with other bars and Agogos around Nana Plaza - drinks were between 150 and 200 baht each while lady drinks were in the 250 to 300 bath range. They do also run regular promotions too which you'll know about from the placards the girls outside are normally holding and could make your visit just a little cheaper.

So there it is - plenty of hot, beautiful ‘bunnies’ looking to have fun with you, great atmosphere, service and music plus lots of space to have it in. What more could you possibly ask for, get down there next time you're near Nana Plaza - you won't regret it!

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Photos taken at Bangkok Bunnies, Nana, Bangkok

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