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Fire Breaks Out At Seduction Disco on Bangla Road In Patong Beach

Phuket, Sun Jan 29 2017
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Fire engines were called to the Seduction disco on Patong’s Bangla Rd at about 8:30pm last night, Saturday, Jan 28, as black smoke billowed out from the second floor of the popular nightclub. Crowds gathered in front of the club, with some shouting “Fai Mai!” (Fire! in Thai) as fire trucks made their way down the busy walking street, which is open to traffic by day but closed to traffic at night so tourists can parade down the street to enjoy the nightlife.

Just after 10pm a firefighter at the scene confirmed to The Phuket News that all people had been evacuated safely from the building. “There have been no injuries” the firefighter said. The firefighter said the fire initially broke out at about 7:45pm, and took firefighters two hours to bring under control. “The fire is now under control, but we still have fire teams clearing and checking the building” he said. “We will not know what caused the fire until police have had the chance to inspect the building and carry out their investigation” he added.

Eye witness Andy Helbling at the scene confirmed that smoke was pouring out of the building by 8pm. “By that time firefighters were already present, so were two paramedic vehicles,” he said. “Bangla was blocked and soon after the PEA (the Provincial Electricity Authority) arrived and cut off the the electricity. After that the firefighters started fighting the fire with water.

“Shortly after there was a blackout for about 20 minutes. During that time some paramedic vehicles left and returned again. In total there were four paramedic vehicles on location,” Mr Helbling told The Phuket News. “It’s now 11pm. Some fire trucks are still present and firefighters are still making checks all over the building. The street has gone back to business as usual, but everywhere you can smell the smoke from burned plastic and other materials” he added.

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