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King's Hand Drawn 2017 New Year Cards Go On Sale

Bangkok, Mon Jan 23 2017
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His Majesty the King has drawn some seasonal greetings cards for Thais, expressing his best wishes and offering guidance on happiness. Proceeds from the sale of the cards will go to a charity in honour of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and to help flood victims in the South.

The cards will be available beginning from today at Golden Place branches, the palace officials' welfare shop 904, the Healthy Person bike shop on Sukhothai Road, Naiin bookstores in Bangkok and its provincial branches. Four different types of cards will be available at 90 baht each.

Each card features the King's drawings of a house, a Christmas tree, a snowman, presents, happy people, and a dog. One greeting card also features a Buddha image and a worshipper at the “End suffering, grief, illnesses, and danger with a firmness of the heart. Exercise self restraint with complete concentration, and peace. Cultivate wisdom, and happiness will occur gradually.”

And on the top right corner of the card, there another message that says: “Sor Kor Kor, or send happiness with love. Wish each other well. Have decent thoughts.” along with a drawing of an angel holding a star wand and a mobile phone.

There is also a message reading: “Send happiness. Increase mindfulness and develop wisdom. Move forward with goodwill, kindness, and carefulness for the sake of lasting happiness. Think and dream in moderation.”

The bottom right of the cards bear the King's signature, with the greetings: “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2017” along with pictures of a present box and a candle. Another card shows Santa Clause riding a sleigh pulled by two reindeers carrying Christmas gifts with the words “Ho Ho Ho!!” at the top.

An angel also appears, along with the message: “Be happy with your mental and physical health and have a clear mind. Take pleasure in moderation, with the right understanding, concentration, and wisdom. Live a simple life and move forward safely and securely.”

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