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Bangkok Cheapest Holiday Destination For Asean Residents

Bangkok, Sun Dec 04 2016
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Bangkok is the most affordable destination for people living in Southeast Asia planning a week long foreign holiday during the months of December to February, according to a survey by travel site TripAdvisor of 10 top Asian destinations.

The company revealed its top 10 most popular destinations for travellers within the region on Thursday during the travel period between December to February 2017, along with average one week costs for hotels, airfare, meals and attractions. It found that the average cost of a one week trip to Bangkok from elsewhere in Southeast Asia was 43,451 baht, the lowest of the top 10 destinations. The calculated cost covers a seven night hotel stay, average round trip airfare, two tours or activities and three restaurant meals per day.

The survey claims that Bali emerged as the most popular destination in terms of traveller interest for Southeast Asian travellers looking to take a holiday in the New Year, followed by Luzon in the Philippines, Hong Kong and Bangkok. “This report comes in handy for travellers who are planning breaks in the New Year, be it for Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day,” it stated. The company said its seasonal report helped travellers take advantage of savings at the destinations by highlighting the least expensive week to visit, as well as highly rated value hotels and must do bookable tours.

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