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Russian Startups Digitising Thai Ecommerce

Bangkok, Mon Nov 21 2016
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In an interestingly positive article on yesterday where they profiled three Russian entrepreneurs who are bringing positive digitised services to Thailand with their services via sites like WorkVenture, HipFlat and The story tells the stories of Alexander Kerbo, Grigorevich Nemtsev and Maxim Titov, 3 Russian entrepreneurs who are pro-actively offering Thailand something very different, new and refreshingly different to the stereotypical Russian in Thailand - the Russian jet ski scammer on Phuket, the mafiya foot soldiers in Pattaya or vodka marinated voin that are known all too well here.

The interviews with talk of a suave Chula graduate, a soulful family man and tech-savvy adventurer – who defy the stereotypes to bring the striving Russian soul to the heart of Bangkok through honest, hard work. Hazel-eyed and 27, Alexander Kerbo, owner of job site says “The perception is certainly skewed, isn’t it? I get a lot of friendly jokes from my Thai friends. I have to try to explain to them that there is, in any nation, including the biggest country on Earth, there’s a staggering range of people. And if you look for bad news, you will find it.”

The story continues with Muscovite businessman Denis Grigorevich Nemtsev who decided to see the world 12 years ago and ended up working in real estate in Thailand and found a space in the market. “I saw that there was no one place, one website that would list all properties. There was also no way to see if the price of the property was a good or bad one, or see the history of the price listings,” he said. So in 2013, he launched Hipflat claims to list all buyable and rentable properties in Thailand, and shows its sales history and pricing relative to the area. The inspiration, Nemtsev said, came from the falling value of a condo he purchased. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have bought it.” Learning Thai work culture, for him, has been a warm surprise. “Here, the boss is a father. Back in Russia, it’s purely business,” he said with a detectable blush.

Finally tell the story of Maxim Titov, a 40-year-old brunette, who found another e-commerce gap to fill, namely, bus ticketing. After settling in Bangkok in 2011, Titov adjusted foreign business models to Thailand in order to build, a service where users can buy bus tickets online. “It’s like a time machine has been invented. Generally, in Southeast Asia, business models are lagging behind those of overseas, so you can apply businesses that are already in use overseas here,” Titov said of how he took models from India to build his service owing to the countries’ similar GDP and population behaviour. “Traveling by bus in Southeast Asia won’t change. You can’t fly to your amphur. What will change is how you buy tickets - online instead of at the ticket station,” he said. As a Russian, he says, Thailand is a sort of paradise, with tropical weather in contrast to his cold motherland. Of the numerous countrymen who come here to vacation, there are bound to be some boisterous ones who should not represent the whole nation. Like Kerbo and Nemtsev, Titov said he plans to continue developing his business here in Bangkok - “Something keeps me here.” he is quoted as saying. Find the full story, here -

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