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Siamese Fighting Fish Sells For 50,000 Baht

Bangkok, Sat Nov 19 2016
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A halfmoon Betta fish , or Siamese fight fish, changed hands for over 50,000 baht this week thanks to its red, white and blue pattern which resembles the Thai national flag.

A Facebook user by the name of Kachen Worachai recently put up for auction his three-month-old halfmoon Betta or Siamese fighting fish with the three-colour pattern. It’s price started at 99 baht and the winner took it for 53,500 baht.

Thairath Online reported that Mr Worachai, a vendor who raises halfmoon Betta, or Thai Pla Kad, was surprised with the final price because to date a beautiful halfmoon Betta fish fetched four-digit prices at most in auctions. Mr Worachai had long bred Siamese fighting fish but this one was very unusual because of its colour pattern which clearly resembles the Thai national flag.

Thairath quoted Chuchart Lekdaeng, the new owner, as saying he named the fish “Trai Rong” which literally means three colours. Thai Pla Kad is also the name of the Thai national flag. Mr Lekdaeng who is the head of an ornamental fish group in Nakhon Pathom province, said halfmoon Betta rarely have a clear Thai national flag pattern, and he thought the one he had just bought became the most expensive Siamese fighting fish he has ever seen. The original facebook post can be found here —

Thai Rath Online
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