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Beloved Expat Dive Bar Cheap Charlie’s Planning To Re-open

Bangkok, Wed Nov 08 2017
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In a Facebook post made earlier this week on Facebook the page for Cheap Charlie’s Bar, the beloved alleyway watering hole frequented by Bangkok expats for over 30 years, they have hinted that the much-missed nightlife spot is due to re-open soon, after they were forced to close their Sukhumvit Soi 11 bar earlier this year.

The exciting post elicited a long string of people tagging their friends with the good news, as well as questions asking where and when the spot will reopen. Bar owner Ekkachai Budkajang was being tight-lipped with details, but the photo that accompanies the post shows that they are already rebuilding the actual bar, which indicates that the opening should not be too far off.

It also appears that they are building the bar in a shipping container, which elicits all sorts of guesses. Could the new bar be inside one of Bangkok’s night markets, where many food and drink establishments are housed in the re-purposed containers? Or are they just building it in the container for transport to a new location? Another guess is that the new bar will also be an outdoor establishment since a shipping container can’t house an entire indoor bar.

Cheap Charlie’s closed seven months ago because the one-rai parcel of land it sat on was allegedly sold to hotel developers for 2 billion baht. However, the land has sat empty and without construction starting ever since, much to the chagrin of former customers.

Ekkachai commented in an interview last month that he has heard a rumour that the land deal for his former location in Sukhumvit Soi 11 has fallen through and so he had enquired as to whether he might be able to re-open his bar on the original site. He said that he had not had any response to his enquiries.

As the week has progressed information has emerged that the new Cheap Charlie’s will be on Sukhumvit Soi 50, opposite Tesco Lotus near BTS On Nut. The new bar will be an outdoor venue and should be finished in approximately three weeks. If you are interested in following their progress it would be best to follow the Cheap Charlie’s Bar page on Facebook.

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