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The CCA: Another Good Reason Not To Share Those Photos Of Your Thai Ex-Girlfriend

Chiang Mai, Mon Oct 23 2017
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A foreign man found out the hard way not to take revenge on your Thai ex-girlfriend by posting naked pics of her on social media.

The French tourist was arrested Thursday lay week for allegedly posting naked photos of his Thai ex-girlfriend on social media.

Officers announced that Vincent Jean Marie LeGrand, 34, was taken into custody when arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 6.25am. Immigration officers detained the Frenchman after a request was made by police in Chiang Mai. After being taken into custody LeGrand was transferred to Mueang Chiang Mai police station late on Thursday last week.

The arrest came after a warrant was issued for his arrest by the Chiang Mai provincial court. He stands accused of violating the Computer Crimes Act by posting images of a pornographic nature and making them accessible to the public.

Pol Major Anon Cherdchutrakulthoing of the Chiang Mai police said that LeGrand came to Chiang Mai in May of this year where he moved in with a Thai woman, he was enraged when the woman ended their relationship so he hacked into her Facebook account and posted naked photos of the woman he had secretly taken.

Anon also said that the Frenchman also allegedly ‘doctored’ some of the images before posting them on the Thai woman’s Facebook Wall.

LeGrand fled Thailand after the incident but police were tipped-off that he was due to arrive in Bangkok on Thursday last week.

The public understandably expressed anger, contempt and disbelief after this story was featured on popular Thailand news site Thai Visa last week.

So be warned, sharing those private photos of your Thai ex-girlfriend publicly isn’t, for so many reasons, a good idea - whatever the circumstances.

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