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Monitor Lizard Caught On Beach After Being Mistaken For A Crocodile

Pattaya, Sun Oct 22 2017
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Confused tourists ran from Pattaya beach today after a monitor lizard, which they mistook for a crocodile, was seen swimming in the sea.

Pattaya Marine Corps think the reptile, which was spotted taking a dip in the sea to cool off around 12.30pm, came from nearby woodland. Lifeguards hauled the lizard from the sea before releasing him back into the wild but not before holidaymakers, including a young girl, had posed for photographs with the animal.

The Pattaya Marine Corps measured the monitor lizard and said it was about one-and-a-half metres long and weighed roughly 10kg.

Onlooker Warapol Wattana said: “There was a stampede to get off the beach because people thought it was a crocodile. Lifeguards took the lizard out of the sea and then people were posing with it for photographs.”

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