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Bangkok’s RCA To Manage Hollywood Nightclub, Patong Beach

Phuket, Fri Oct 20 2017
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The operators of Bangkok’s renowned nightlife entertainment complex Royal City Avenue, better known simply as RCA, will take over management of the Hollywood Nightclub Hollywood Nightclub in Phuket’s main tourist party town Patong from the 1st November.

The takeover of the site, on Bangla Rd, follows the previous management having its contract revoked for bringing the name of the venue into disrepute following a shooting in the club last Thursday, Oct 12.

Preechawut “Prab” Keesin, landlord of the venue and the head of the Pisona Group of companies, explained on Wednesday, “After the press published reports that the previous management‘s contract had been terminated, I received calls from 16 investors asking about it.

“I decided to lease the venue to the management team that operates RCA in Bangkok, which has extensive experience in the entertainment industry. This management team knows the nightlife scene here. I'm confidence in them.” he said.

The contract for the venue is for three years initially, Mr Preechawut confirmed, but declined to reveal further details. “All I can say is that the rent to be paid to me is only 200,000 baht per month. All other aspects of the club’s operations is up to them to figure out,” he added.

“The contract was signed on October 17, 2017, and they will take control of the venue from November 1, 2017,” Mr Preechawut said.

“The club will reopen still with the Hollywood name, but it might have some minor alterations. The new management has yet to settle on exactly what the club will be called, but whatever the new name is, it will still carry the name ‘Hollywood’ as its brand,” he added.

There was a key concern as to whether a large percentage of the previous staff would be kept on by the new management, Mr Preechawut noted.

“I was worried about what would happen with the staff until the new management team agreed to keep 80% of the staff on. They still have their jobs,” he said.

“The remaining 20% of the club’s employees are back office staff who will be replaced. Compensation terms have been agreed already,” he added.

“I also asked them to introduce better security management in this area, which is necessary,” Mr Preechawut said.

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