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7-Eleven Cuties Go Viral On Facebook

Bangkok, Thu Oct 19 2017
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The things that go viral never cease to amaze us at RedEyeThai. This week‘s popular trend with Thai netizens is a Facebook page listing photos of cute and sexy 7-Eleven employees!

The page has already attracted 1,000’s of views and comments, over 8,000 likes and over 8,000 followers - thats impressive considering there are only around 150 snaps on there at the time of writing this article.

In fairness, the concept isn't new in Thailand with previous incarnations including themes like the ‘hottest people on the BTS’, ‘the most handsome foreign teachers’, and even a page for ‘cute bus conductors’!

The page originally rocketed into the spotlight thanks to an article on a site called entitled “30 branches: Ranking the most beautiful 7-Eleven employees of 2017, along with their locations” - and, yes, we agree that the ‘locations’ bit is a bit worrying in this day and age.

The piece basically compiled a bunch of viral snaps of 7-Eleven employees that made their way onto the, now popular, Facebook page. Amusingly, most people who have left comments are quick to point out they’ll take someone who can ring them up quickly and help them heat up a toastie over a hottie who can‘t any day!

Anyway, it looks like it‘s finally time for 7-Eleven’s cutest employees to get their their 15 minutes of fame on 7-Eleven Cute Girls.

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