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Air Asia Flash Sale - Australia To Thailand Starting At Just $149

Bangkok, Fri Nov 11 2016
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Air Asia have announced, in a press release today, that they will hold a flash sale for the next 72 hours where travellers will be able to snatch up bargains to get them to a tropical oasis. The airline have stated that fares from Perth to Bangkok will be starting at $149 and fares from Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast will be $189 one-way.

A flash sale by Air Asia has flights going from Perth to Bangkok for as little as $149. Air Asia are offering the unprecedented cheap flights and Flight Centre’s CEO says we should take advantage of it. While flights are consistently becoming more affordable, Flight Centre CEO Graham Turner believes this is unusually cheap.

Turner was quoted as saying, “While we have become accustomed to international fares becoming more affordable every year — they have typically held their price as average wages have increased — in recent times we have seen significant decreases in ticket prices, as airlines seek to fill their planes”. Mr Turner also told Australians that they shouldn’t waste time taking advantage of the sale. “This unprecedented discounting by airlines has delivered incredible value to travellers in the form of some of the cheapest fares we have ever advertised in Australia” he said. Do be aware however that there are some additional costs for baggage, meals and in-flight services.

Of course you can always find great deals on flights right here on to -

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