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Celebrity Phuket Crocodile, Leypang, To Remain In Captivity

Phuket, Fri Oct 06 2017
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The DNA results for Laypang, Phuket’s celebrity crocodile, have revealed that it is a mix between saltwater and freshwater crocodile which was possibly born through a human breeder, not naturally.

Phuket’s Governor says that the Fisheries Department will be responsible for the next step in the Laypang saga. The authorities are now checking for possible locations the crocodile might of come from - like a crocodile farm or whether it was previously a privately owned crocodile.

“I’ve got the result of the DNA test already. From now, the Director General of Fisheries Department will decide what to do next. We are also checking on where it came from as there was a crocodile farm in the nearby area but it closed down about 2 years ago,” said the Governor.

Specialists have also made some suggestions on the way to handle the 3 metre long crocodile captured from the tin mine lake near Laypang Beach. As there’s no record of mixed breed crocodiles in the area before, the specialists have also suggested that it’s likely the crocodile comes from a farm or was privately owned. The specialists have recommended that Laypang should not be released back to the wild.

“The discovery of this crocodile has raised awareness of the existence of saltwater crocodiles in Thailand. We can help preserve and increase the number of saltwater crocodiles by creating a proper breeding zone for them in a place which used to be their breeding habitat, such as Pru Mai Khao, and increase the number of saltwater crocodiles in the area,” said one of the attending specialists.

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