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New Waterfall Found In Sukhothai

Chiang Mai, Sat Sep 30 2017
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A new waterfall has been discovered in the middle of the Ramkhamhaeng National Park in Khiri Mat district of Sukhothai province in the North. It is being developed as a new tourist attraction.

The waterfall is about 80 metres high, with water pouring down in a single line to a natural pool by a 90-degree steep cliff. When the weather is clear, the spray of water, when parched by the sun, sends a very beautiful spectrum.

Local residents said it is probably one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Ramkhamhaeng National Park or Khao Luang.

The road to the waterfall runs through a dense forest and high mountains. The waterfall is about three kilometres from the main road, in the northern part of the national park. The forest is still fertile, rich with wildlife and natural plants.

Boonsong Chamnansua, president of Na Choeng Khiri tambon administration organisation (TAO) in Khiri Mat district of Sukhothai, led members of the media on a tour to the newly-found waterfall on Sept 28.

The waterfall has not been opened as a tourist spot. People who venture into the area without seeking permission from forest officials risk getting lost or facing dangers from the rough terrains.

Concerned officials will examine the area again in order to develop it as a new tourist attraction.

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