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Sexy Thai Star Cherry Hits The Headlines Again

Bangkok, Thu Sep 28 2017
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Thailand’s erotic celebrity Cherry Samkhok has found herself in the headlines again this week after wearing a revealing, sexy bodysuit the wrong way around during a performance she gave at Capsule Pub in southern Yala province on Sunday, where she sang a few songs.

The sexy star has since responded to viral photos of the outfit she wore at one of her recent R-rated shows by saying that it appeared ultra sexy only because she had accidentally put it on backwards!

Cherry posted a statement on her official Instagram account after several local media outlets published photos of her ultra sexy bodysuit that leaves very little to the imagination saying, “Silly me. The bodysuit that I wore that night was put on backwards. I just found out after all the comments about my costume and my show”.

She also commented in her statement that the content was not for children. “The show was held in a nightclub, and I did put the 20+ rating on every clip that I uploaded. The youth should not look at me as their example. Sexy performances require a sexy costume. I just perform. I’m not selling anything else here,” Cherry said.

Cherry Samkhok, for those unfamiliar with her, makes sexy videos — since porn is illegal in Thailand — as well as dancing and singing at public events.

This isn't the first time the sexy star has hit the headlines, last year Cherry was fined for her bikini-clad erotic dancing at the Bangkok Motor Show, which was deemed “inappropriate” for such a public event.

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