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Nai Harn Beach Jellyfish Warning

Phuket, Wed Sep 20 2017
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Marine experts and lifeguards are keeping an eye on Phuket’s beaches for any more of the pink/purple jellyfish that stung a number of tourists at Nai Harn beach yesterday.

Marine officials believe they are jellyfish from the Pelagia family, commonly known as flame jellyfish. They say their stings can be painful and cause irritation but unlikely to be fatal. If you do get stung, alert the local lifeguards or seek medical attention for relief.

For the time being, if you are going to be visiting Nai Harn beach then it's advisable to look for warning signs and/or consult a lifeguard before enjoying the water.

Yesterday afternoon, Rawai’s Mayor, Aroon Solos, visited Nai Harn beach after getting reports from local lifeguards that around 6 tourists had been stung by anonymous jellyfish.

“There are a lot of them floating along the shore as the waves are very strong these days. We believe these jellyfish are fire jellyfish from the Pelagia family. However, we will have to send them to a specialist to double-check,” the Mayor said yesterday. “There are signs warning swimmers about jellyfish installed around the beach to warning beach goers not to go into the water.”

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