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FamilyMart Partners With Kerry Express

Bangkok, Wed Sep 20 2017
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FamilyMart, the 24-hour convenience-store chain, has joined hands with Kerry Express in a bid to continue fulfilling its mission of ‘satisfying all moments of daily life to meet the needs of consumers in the 4.0 age’.

The move is aimed at enhancing the convenience store‘s services with a one-stop shopping experience. With its new parcel delivery service, FamilyMart is hoping to continue to expand its service offering by attracting SMEs with 24-hour parcel delivery, along with the expansion of more than 300 branches this year.

Nowadays, new technologies and services are playing key roles in supporting the rapidly changing behaviours of consumers, and this includes using online shopping services and financial transactions through e-payment channels. Therefore, the convenience store is increasingly playing a key role in presenting new services to reach and respond to the needs of consumers, the company explained.

Chiranun Poopat, president of Central FamilyMart, said on Tuesday: “In addition to providing 24-hour freshness of our food products, FamilyMart also aims to provide our customers with assured quality and convenient services to fulfill everyday needs, so our customer’s lives can be simpler and more convenient.“

“We have expanded our services by partnering with Kerry Express to support ‘Online Business’ opportunities which rely on fast delivery, and offering multiple payment options such as credit card, Rabbit card, Alipay or 1 card, instead of using cash which will support the behaviour of both Thais and tourist customers as we move into a cashless society in the digital era.” he continued.

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