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Controversial Bangkok Condo Questionnaire Goes Viral

Bangkok, Thu Sep 14 2017
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The management of a Bangkok condo had some, no doubt, unexpected attention this week on social media when a form they are asking their tenants to complete if they attempt to take a transexual guest up to their room went viral.

The form asks if the tenant is aware that their guest is transexual and if they still want to invite them in. If that isn't awkward enough, the form then goes on to enquire as to whether the tenant has already agreed a, um, price for having their ‘ladyboy’ guest spend time with them in their room and how much it is!

The red-face inspiring and somewhat intrusive form doesn't stop the interrogation there though as it then warns the tenant that a guest might fight with them over money and implies that a transexual person might steal their valuables. To add insult to injury, it refers to transexual guests as “these entertainment people” in the last sentence. Not unexpectedly, the condo complex is located in Nana, Bangkok.

This form raises all kinds of questions like .. Does it not take into account whether a trans person and a tenant might just be hanging out together and not having transactional sex? Are the staff in the building just guessing at which guests are transexual? And probably most importantly, wouldn’t their tenants just like some privacy and the freedom to make their own decisions?

Opinions across social media about the intrusive form, which was probably intended to be helpful but in fact sparked huge debate and comment, varied widely to say the least.

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