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Nott Graap Rot Apologises As PM Says No Copycats Please

Bangkok, Wed Nov 09 2016
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The TV celebrity at the centre of the road rage case where he beat up a motorcyclist and made him kowtow (graap) to his scratched car has apologised to society. A contrite Akhranat Ariyaritwikul, 28, who has been stripped of his TV work after the video of his attack on revenue worker Kitisak or Boy went viral, turned up at Yanawa police station.

Police blocked the media from full access as Nott was comforted and supported by an unnamed woman. He raised his hands in a wai to society. He apologised also to Boy saying he had been trying to get in touch with him at the hospital where he is nursing facial injuries. But he said he was blocked by relatives. He wants to pay his bills and he will keep trying to call to make contact and apologise over the phone, he said.

No mention has been made in the press about what action the police are taking. Meanwhile prime minister Prayut got involved asking people not to react like that again. It is not good behaviour, he said, obey the rule of law. Then in response to the road rage a professor called Saharath went online with a video that was viewed nearly 900,000 times. It featured a whole bunch of anger issues both in Thailand and abroad along with an advice commentary on how to manage feelings of anger and concluded with an analysis of the Nott issue, a story that has captivated Thailand this week. More on this story can be found here -

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