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Thai Lecturer Unpunished Over Forcing Students to Pose Nude

Bangkok, Thu Sep 07 2017
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An art teacher at Silpakorn University, which is famous for its art programs, will not face any punishment, repercussions, or even have his name revealed to the public, after demanding that female students pose nude for him to photograph.

This story, which has understandably angered the public, was originally highlighted in July by Coconuts Bangkok after appearing on the Bangkok Post website, when according to a statement issued by the university, the professor in question had requested female students to pose nude while alone with him. Since he was a guest lecturer, the only action the university can take is to stop inviting him to teach.

“This person was a guest lecturer in the Faculty of Decorative Arts and has abused his position as a teacher to talk female students into doing inappropriate photo shoots,” the statement said.

“After the investigation, the university instructed the faculty to cease inviting the guest lecturer to teach at Silpakorn and has instructed the faculty director to make sure the victims who came forward were not affected by the events.”

“Because it was a guest lecturer, who conducted these inappropriate actions, and not a faculty member of Silpakorn University, we cannot proceed with disciplinary action, but the students who were victims of this lecturer could take legal action, with the support of the university.”

The statement angered the public. Many left comments, demanding the university reveal the teacher’s name. The abuse came to the attention of the public in July, when the boyfriend of one victim posted the story on Pantip forum, after which it went viral.

In the post, the professor reportedly asked the female student to pose for him as a character in Thai literature for him to draw, but when she got there, he demanded her to remove her clothes and even pose in a lewd, spread-eagle position.

Another victim has since forward to Amarin TV to say that she was also abused by this teacher in 2015. The victim, who was not named, said she was also asked to pose as a literature character. At first, the photo shoot was normal until the teacher started touching her to adjust her posing.

“I stepped away and said that I could do the poses myself. Then he demanded that I take off all of my clothes. I immediately said no. I told him to go hire a nude model. But he insisted that I do it. All I could do was step away from him and I started putting on my clothes but he kept taking photos of me while I was getting dressed. It was terrifying.”

The victim said there were four other students at Silpakorn who were abused by this teacher. She believed that he probably has done the same to students at other universities where he has taught.

“He doesn’t have the qualification to be a teacher, and he doesn’t deserve to have a job anywhere else. It’s not fair for us at all,” she said.

The five victims are discussing whether they will take legal action.

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