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Thailand Grows The First Tropical White Truffle

Chiang Mai, Wed Sep 06 2017
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A white truffle has been found in the Doi Stuhep-Pui National Park, near Chiang Mai, by the Department of Biology at Chiang Mai University challenging all previous theories that suggest truffles cannot grow in tropical areas.

A research team headed by Prof Dr Saisamorn Lumyong, Dr Nakarin Suwannarach and Dr Chaturong Khumla from Department of Biology at Chiang Mai University first found a new white truffle species in 2014 named ‘Tuber thailandicum’ which was given a common name ‘white truffle thep sukhon’ by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. In 2015, the team continued their research and found another new species ‘Tuber lannaense’.

In their latest research, the team found an Italian white truffle or ‘Tuber magnatum’, which is the most expensive truffle in the world, had grown successfully. The team have also been able to extract the truffle scent to infuse it with salt and olive oil and are now researching whether it is possible to develop a truffle farm in Thailand.

This exciting discovery not only challenged all theories saying that truffles could not be grown in tropical areas, it also gives hope to whether white truffle farms could help boost the local and national economy.

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