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Actress Napapa ‘Patt’ Tantrakul Spared Indictment In Drug Money Case

Bangkok, Thu Aug 03 2017
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Public prosecutors have decided not to pursue charges of conspiracy to launder money against actress Napapa ‘Patt’ Tantrakul in relation to funds that her husband, Akarakit ‘Benz Racing’ Worarojcharoendet, transferred to her, Office of the Attorney-General deputy spokesman Prayut Phetkhun said in a statement issued on Thursday.

The Attorney-General also requested the Criminal Court to issue an order for the 30-year-old actress’s release, although Napapa has been out on bail and never seen the inside of a detention cell during the investigation.

Napapa was named as the fifth suspect in the Narcotics Suppression Bureau’s investigation of laundering drug money and conspiring to launder money on behalf of accused Lao drug kingpin Xaysana Keopimpa, 42. The other four suspects are Akarakit, 30, Nattapon Nakkham, 31, Sansern Rasanont, 25, and Angsuporn Inna, 29.

The other suspects including Napapa’s husband have been indicted and face continued investigations, but prosecutors have decided not to indict her on the grounds that there was not any evidence to indicate she was involved in the alleged money laundering or drug trafficking. The evidence that first implicated Napapa involved 18 financial transactions from April 2016 to February 2017, in which her husband transferred funds to her account in amounts that could be regarded as a husband simply taking care of his wife.

The transactions were also done openly via mobile banking, which could be easily monitored, and Napapa’s bank account was the same one she had previously used and contained her personal income worth millions of baht, the statement said.

The transferred money also was left in the account without being withdrawn in transactions that could indicate laundering, while other funds under scrutiny proved to be the actress’s pay from presenting products, the statement said.

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