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Teenage Tourist Claims Being Groped On Koh Larn Tour

Pattaya, Wed Jul 12 2017
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A female teenage tourist says she was groped under water by two Cambodians during a day trip to Koh Larn. A total of five Cambodian men are being questioned by Pattaya police regarding their involvement in an incident in which a thirteen year old complained she was groped.

The girl, who has mixed Thai and American parentage, told her mum that two men had groped her breasts while she was under the water off Koh Larn admiring the coral. She said two men molested her and then after groping her breasts they tried to put their hands down her swimsuit to her genitals. She went on to say that she eventually managed to force the men away herself and quickly swam to shore.

After receiving reports of the incident, Pattaya police were dispatched but, found no one aboard the Kong Samut 8 ship.

They eventually found the suspects on the mainland of the Island where they were arrested and taken back to Pattaya. They all denied involvement in the incident. Police, however, have strong evidence which suggests that at least 3 out of the 5 men were in the water at the same time of the young girl.

The Pattaya police are waiting on photographic evidence of the girl’s undersea walk before taking further action.

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