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Pattaya Clubs And Bars Targeted In New Crackdown

Pattaya, Sun Jun 18 2017
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Authorities in Pattaya this week launched a new crackdown on bars and go-go clubs in the resort city.

As part of the crackdown licensing officials in Pattaya have temporarily prohibited the opening of new Go-Go bars and have stated that licenses for such establishments will not be issued for the foreseeable future - although no time frame has been determined as to how long this may be.

The crackdown has also seen Pattaya’s notorious Soi 6 the subject of increased scrutiny by authorities this week with all owners informed bars are not permitted to open until 6pm. Bar owners have been warned that failure to comply will result in fines and suspension of licenses.

“The authorities told me I can not open my bar until 6pm,” said one bar owner, who requested not to be named. “They told every bar the same. It is already hard to make money from my bar with so much competition but if I can‘t open during the day I don’t know how I can stay open”, the bar owner said. “Some bars are still opening in the day but are now closed until 6pm daily. “I don’t know why some can stay open but some have to close like us,” he continued.

The crackdown is part of a wider change to the way licenses for bars and clubs are issued in the city, with the whole licensing process set to be overhauled. The changes would mean that rather than having to revoke licenses from bars that fail to comply with licensing laws, offending bars would simply not be allowed to renew existing licenses and will therefore be prevented from trading legally. Officials are set for further discussions on proposed new licensing measures this coming week.

The new crackdown comes as officials in Pattaya continue to try and transform the seedy image of the city, which has seen it proclaimed as the ‘sex capital of the world’ by foreign media, to that of a modern, family friendly tourist resort.

The crackdown also follows an increase in the number of undercover stings used to target bars and massage parlours that are suspected of selling sexual services.

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