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Beer Yoga Is Illegal Warn Thai Health Officials

Bangkok, Wed May 03 2017
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Beer yoga, Bangkok’s favourite new pastime, may actually be illegal government officials have warned. Launched in the capital last month, Beer Yoga allows fitness enthusiasts to stretch while sipping on their favourite brew.

According to reports the newly launched Bangkok beer yoga class already has more than 100 students and was recently the subject of a feature on the BBC website and many other news outlets around the world.

However, despite the fanfare, kill joys from the Ministry of Health have warned that Beer Yoga is illegal in Thailand.

Speaking to Voice TV, Dr Suthep Petchmark, Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control said that Beer Yoga is illegal as it could be considered as advertising and contravenes existing laws on the advertising of alcoholic beverages.

Dr Suthep also said that Beer Yoga has nothing to with being healthy and added that the organisers of Beer Yoga have already been reported to the police who are in the process of conducting an investigation.

The fitness craze originated in Berlin and made its way to Bangkok via Nevada and Melbourne.

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