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Thai Actress Napakpapha Nakprasitte Speaks Up About Her #MyBigNick

Bangkok, Sat Apr 29 2017
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A Thai actress famous for although having performed in quite a few movies is most famous for her strong, sexy appearance in the 2001 release Mae Bia recently found herself back in the media spotlight due to attention on her Instagram feed, which is flooded with adorable photos of her and her Bulgarian boyfriend, whom she calls “My Big Nick”, and has allocated the tongue-in-cheek hashtag #mybignick.

Sixteen years ago, not many Thai actresses projected a sex goddess image, so when Napakpapha “MaMhee” Nakprasitte starred in the sexy snake flick “Mae Bia,” her confident posturing and Western way of thinking became the talk of town.

After that we hadn’t heard too much from her - until now. It looks like MaMhee is living an awesome life, traveling the world with her businessman boyfriend, Big Nick, whom the Thai media refer to as a “millionaire” who gave her a credit card with no limit.

Just last week, MaMhee celebrated her 36th birthday with #mybignick in the Philippines. After making her followers green with envy over the with cute couple photos and lavish lifestyle, MaMhee appeared on Yingsak Yingsap, an internet talk show, this week to speak up about her Big Nick.

It turns out her love for Big Nick is deeper than we thought. “Please don’t say I caught a rich guy. Let’s use the word ‘trap’. He fell into my trap, and now it’s love,” she said.

Despite admitting that the rumors were true about the credit card, she also responded with a really thoughtful quote about relationships. “Women have the right to choose the best thing for ourselves. If I had to choose, I’d choose a good person. Rich or poor, you can change that, but kindness can not be made up.”

Lastly, she told her fans that she’s not bragging on social media. So don’t be jealous. “I actually would like to say I don’t want you to think I’m bragging on social media. I want you to know I’m serious about my career, and I don’t want to depend on a man for the rest of my life. Women have the capability to work. Just let your partner give you support by your side.”

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