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Pattaya Food Vendor Returns Lost Property Worth A Million Baht!

Pattaya, Mon Apr 24 2017
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A chicken noodle vendor who returned a bag containing valuables worth more than a million baht has been praised for her honesty.

She spotted a bag and found that it contained nearly 30,000 baht in cash and three cashier's checks worth 400,000 baht each. Credit card details and other documents in the bag identified the owner as Wuthikorn Hanwuthisit, a local building contractor.

Sumaree Sri-uam, 29, was riding her motorbike with sidecar that she uses to sell noodles in the area of Bali Hai port early Sunday morning when she found the bag, reported Siamchon News.

Sumaree went to Pattaya police who found out that the bag's owner was in hospital. However, the man's elder brother 46 year old Thanawut made it to the police station where he praised the noodle seller for her honesty and gave her a reward.

The sum of the reward was not specified in the Siamchon News report and neither were the circumstances that led to the bag's owner ending up in hospital.

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