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Drop Hunt For Constitution Plaque, Warns Junta

Bangkok, Thu Apr 20 2017
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BMA cameras were out of action when historic marker may have gone missing and police refuse to investigate the case. The Junta yesterday urged pro-democracy activists to end their mission to find the historic plaque that disappeared from the Royal Plaza days ago, asking them to cooperate in the interests of national reconciliation.

“Now the country is moving forward as the new Constitution has already come into force. Things that could create chaos and disorder in the Kingdom should be stopped. We ask for cooperation from all factions in the interest of reconciliation,” junta spokesman Piyaphong Klinphan said.

The Pandora’s box was opened last week when people shared on social media that the 1932 revolution plaque was replaced by a new one, with different wordings that did not refer to the historic event.

A group of activists and students yesterday filed a complaint with police at Dusit Police Station over the missing plaque and later asked the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to scour footage of surveillance cameras in the area.

All 11 cameras installed on traffic light poles in front of the Royal Plaza had been removed for maintenance on March 31, secretary to the Bangkok governor, Yutthapan Meechai, said.

Apisit Sapnapapan, an activist who launched a campaign to find the original plaque, suspected the historic marker might have been replaced some time between April 2 to April 8 based on oral and photo evidence.

If no footage of that period is available, Apisit doubted whether his campaign would be successful.

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