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Net Idol Car Crash Case Continues to Unfold

Bangkok, Sat Nov 05 2016
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The case of Kritrada Tabtimphol, an internet celeb and model, who caused an eight car accident in Bangkok on Tuesday afternoon continues to unfold as she remains uncharged,, who have been following the story closely all week, reported yesterday.

Although it’s now three days since the accident occurred, she is still yet to be charged with any crime, and the results of a drug test remain unavailable. On Friday, the case which has invited complaints about two tiered justice didn’t seem to be moving forward, with the head police investigator and a hospital director pointing fingers at each other over delayed test results for Kritrada. “We submitted the request on the 2nd November, but the hospital still hasn’t sent it to us,” said Papinawit Senaplaeng, deputy inspector of Huai Khwang police. “They’re waiting for the hospital director to sign it first”. Songpol Chawaltanpipat, director of Ratchaburi Hospital, denied any request had reached him. Kritrada, 28, is being treated in his hospital’s psychiatric ward for stress. “I haven’t received any documents from the police,” Songpol said by telephone. “When did they say they sent it to me? Maybe it hasn’t arrived yet?”. Songpol also said hospital staff needed to check the results for accuracy before sending the report to police.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 28 year old woman who is referred to in the press as the “Millionaire Pretty” crashed her BMW into eight cars on the busy Ratchadapisek Road, causing three injuries. Kritrada, who rose to online fame for her beauty product and modelling business, was seen behaving erratically and talking incoherently in the aftermath of the crash. At one point after the accident, she appeared to be praying. “She was meditating at the scene, and seemed to be out of her wits” said Papinawit Senaplaeng, an officer at Huai Khwang Police Station who oversaw the case. New traffic laws require police to test motorists involved in car accidents for alcohol and/or drug use, Cpt. Papinawit said. Any refusal automatically leads to a charge of DUI, but he said the protocol did not apply to Kritrada. “No, no, no, it isn’t considered a refusal,” Papinawit said by telephone. “She couldn’t communicate with police at the scene of the accident.”

Among three people injured in the multi car accident was a taxi driver who had to pay 10,000 baht in medical expenses, according to his daughter. You can find out more on this story on by following the link below.

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