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BTS Increased Fares Yesterday While Customers Cry For Better Service

Bangkok, Sun Apr 02 2017
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Despite the inefficient number of trains during rush hour and ticket machines that don’t accept two baht coins, the BTS increased certain fares by 5฿ yesterday.

You’ll have to pay 5฿ more to access the outlying BTS stations . The charge applies to the five stations of the Silom Line - Pho Nimit to Bang Wa - and four stations on Sukhumvit Line - Bang Chak to Bearing.

This means the current maximum BTS fare will increase from 52฿ to 57฿, and for those who buy 30 day trips, the journey to the inner city from the outlying stations will cost them one trip credit and an additional flat fare of 15฿ instead of the usual 10฿.

The flat fare remains 10฿ for students, while the fare for seniors will increase from 5฿ to 7฿. Looks like life just got pricier for suburbanites.

After BTS posted the announcement on Twitter, the organisation drew criticism from customers, who have been demanding a better service as the fares keep increasing. “If you want to increase the fare, just make the ticket machines accept two baht coins, and all stations should accept notes”, the top comment said.

Some pointed out how the government is making life harder for the middle-class who live in the suburbs, referring to the proposed plan to let low-income earners use the BTS for free.

“I’m so tired of this. You have a plan to let poor people use the BTS for free, but you let the middle-class absorb the costs. Don’t you have a better way to charge people?” one customer commented. While another said “How dare you even think about increasing the fare!”

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