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Officials To Promote Safe Songkran 2017

Bangkok, Fri Mar 31 2017
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Different sectors have announced they will be staging campaigns for public safety as the Songkran water festival approaches to try and ensure that everyone has a happy and safe Songkran Festal this year.

Traffic police gathered at Din Daeng Toll Plaza, warning motorists to fasten safety belts and obey traffic laws. Assistant Police Commissioner General Pol Lt Gen Wittaya Prayongpan disclosed that the road accident prevention campaign would intensify from April 5th onwards.

More sobriety checkpoints will also be set up on main and subsidiary roads. Those ignoring safety belts will be fined. Drivers aged under 20 whose alcohol blood level exceeds 20 milligrams will be subject to legal action. Those found to be drunk behind the wheel will have their vehicles confiscated.

Revellers are allowed to observe the water-splashing activity on pickup trucks but they must buckle seat belts while on the road. Passenger buses used for transporting merrymakers must be equipped with seat belts.

Deputy Police Chief Pol. Gen. Chalermkiat Sriworakhan called a meeting with deputy commanders in charge of 191 emergency call centers nationwide to discuss crime prevention and suppression measures for the upcoming Thai New Year.

Activist groups submitted a letter to the governor of Bangkok asking the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to beef up safety measures to prevent theft, molestation, brawls and other crimes as well as regulating alcohol consumption during the Songkran festival.

Deputy Prime Minister Gen Tanasak Patimaprakorn meanwhile asked revelers to celebrate the water festival with caution and organizers to consider public safety and cultural values before holding an activity.

Officials Urged To Prevent Sexual Harassment Against Women During The Songkran Festival

The NNT made the announcements on the same day that Thai PBS published an article about officials being urged to prevent sexual harassment against women during Songkran festival.

The article, which was based on a recent poll of women and how they are treated during the festival, stated that The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security have been urged by anti-alcohol, women protection and parental help networks to immediately take steps to prevent sexual harassment against women, especially during Songkran festival.

In a petition submitted to the ministry and received by Department of Women’s Affairs and Family Development chief Lertpanya Buranabandhit, the activist groups presented findings from a recent opinion poll regarding sexual harassments during Songkran festival and the value held by quite a few men that they can sexually harass women with impunity.

Of the 1,793 women aged 10 to 40 polled, the findings show 85.9 percent despise sexual harassment and wanted measures to be put in place to prevent the misconduct while 51.9 percent admitted they expect to be sexually harassed, especially in areas where alcohol drinks are on sale.

The groups have demanded that the ministry launch a publicity campaign to stop this mistreatment of women and to coordinate with the police and local law enforcement officials to strictly enforce the law and ensure women and girls are safe during the festival.

The groups’ spokesman, Jadet Chaowilai, noted that his chief concern during the Songkran festival was the staging of concerts where alcohol drinks are on sale, saying that sexual harassment against women are common place at such venues.

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