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Thai Traffic Police Launch ‘GetVan Booking’ App

Bangkok, Thu Mar 23 2017
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The Royal Thai Police Traffic Division have launched a new app, the ‘GetVan Booking’, to make people feel more confident in the public van service when booking inter-provincial journeys.

The Royal Thai Police Traffic Division, in collaboration with the Anywhere To Go Company Limited, developed the application which helps passengers to book seats on public vans operating on more than 30 routes. The application can limit speed of the public van to be less than 120 km per hour and allows passengers to report inappropriate behaviours of public van drivers.

The developers are working on additional functionality for the new app including the ‘GetVan Driver’ function to record information of public van drivers such as names, telephone numbers, driving license numbers, routes and driving hours. The information will be used in case of an accident.

Deputy Commander of the Metropolitan Police Bureau Police Major General Chiraphat Phumichit said the application was another way to decrease the waiting time for a public van especially during an important festivals. Pol. Maj. Gen. Chiraphat said he had summoned public van entrepreneurs to learn how to use the application and encourages them to participate in the project.

The ‘GetVan Booking’ app is available to the public for free, in English and Thai, on both android via Google Play and iOS via iTunes or the App Store.

National News Bureau of Thailand
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