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Life Abroad with a Farang is No Bed of Rose

Bangkok, Tue Nov 01 2016
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Thai Visa News highlighted an insightful story this week which has gone viral across news feeds, blogs and social media about an Isaan country girl who married a German man and went to live abroad with him. Seangpin Schuler has gone online via a video posted on her Facebook profile to say her everyday life in Hamburg is no bed of roses.

Seangpin warned via her video post: “Those who think that marrying a farang is a way to riches and an easy life - forget it!”. Seangpin thought, at first, that her life as the wife of a farang would be easy. She, like most Isaan girls who hope to marry foreign men, thought her new husband would take care of everything and an easy life beckoned but having got married and moved to Hamburg in Germany the hard reality kicked in.

The cost of living in Germany compared very unfavourably with her life back in Thailand. Gone were the days of taking a growing family out for dinner and being able to pay just 1000 baht. In Germany you were lucky to get much change out of 5,000 or 6,000 she said. Even a small bunch of basil was 200 baht - often you just had to go without. Yes, it is not an easy life, she continued. She has to find ways to make money to take care of herself and the children. She can't just expect her husband to take care of everything. She has to find her own way to help them survive as a family. The video prompted a lot of online comment from Thais in particular, most of whom said no matter where you live and with whom, you have to work and get money to survive. It was no different abroad though it might be more expensive in many places. The story about the mother of four who exchanged the north east of Thailand for Hamburg, Germany was originally featured on -

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