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U Beer – The Newest Beer in Thailand

Bangkok, Thu Mar 23 2017
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It has now been a few weeks since the launch of U Beer, the latest beer from market leaders the Singha Corporation. Both residents and visitors to Thailand will already be familiar with the established favourites from the Singha Corporation, beers like Singha, Leo and of course Chang Beer. Now there is another choice - U Beer.

U Beer is a new lager beer which is said to be inspired by German beers and, since it's recent launch, U Beer has been marketed to cater to the young generation who are said to be more designed conscious, hipster, fun and lifestyle savvy.

To quote the promoters, “If you look at the design of U Beer, it is fun and modern.” Amateur reviewers have had their say and seem to be giving U Beer the thumbs up - or is that ‘bottoms up’ - with comments like “If you don’t put any ice in, you will notice a subtle flavour.”

We have heard it being compared to Singha Light with it's lighter, more subtle, crisp flavour.

U Beer Specifications:
Lager Alcohol by Volume: 5.0%
Brewed by: Singha also known as Boonrawd Brewery
Sizes Available: 620 Ml / 320 Ml

For further information, please contact:
U Beer Marketing Team
Boonrawd Trading Co. Ltd
office: +66 2242 4833
email: [email protected]

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