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Mon Bridge, Sangkhlaburi
Mon Bridge, Sangkhlaburi

Mon Bridge, Sangkhlaburi

Calm and Beautiful Sangkhlaburi

Sangkhlaburi is a calm and beautiful western-most district in Kanchanaburi, located more than 300 kilometres away from Bangkok, around the border between Myanmar and Thailand. It is home to a diverse population of Burmese, Karen, Mon, Thai and Lao people.

Well worth a visit, Sangkhlaburi has a few great places to go and see including the Mon Bridge, Wat Saam Prasob, the sunken temple in the dam, Three Pagodas Pass situated around the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

Mon Bridge is about 850 meters long. It’s the world's second longest wooden bridge in the world and the longest wooden bridge in Thailand. The bridge is over Songkalia River and is also known as the Uttamanuson Bridge. It's a symbol of Sangkhlaburi district and works for people who live in Sangkhlaburi and Mon villagers. Cars are not allowed on the bridge but bicycles are okay. The best way to enjoy this wonderful landmark is with a relaxing stroll at sunrise or sunset.

Calm and Beautiful Sangkhlaburi

Mon Bridge - Location

Tue Aug 04 2015
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