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Beach Road, Pattaya
Beach Road, Pattaya

Customs and Health Regulations in Thailand

Thai Customs Regulations

Listed below are the customs restrictions on taking goods in and out of Thailand that are most commonly applicable to most travellers. Obviously, common sense prevails here as does the currently accepted international airport restrictions on all travellers.

  • Cigarettes, cigars or smoking tobacco each or in total must not exceed 250 grams in weight with cigarettes not exceeding 200 in quantity.
  • One litre each of wine or spirits may be brought in free of duty.
  • All non prescription narcotics including but not limited to marijuana, hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine and heroin are illegal in Thailand. If you are caught in possession of illegal narcotics in Thailand the punishment is usually very severe and can include the death sentence. Also bear in mind that your consulate or high commission will most like not be able to help you in these circumstances.
  • Possession of obscene literature, pictures, media or articles including any form of pornography is illegal in Thailand.
  • The import of firearms and ammunition is permitted provided you have a permit which can be obtained from The Police Department or Local Registration Office.
  • A reasonable amount of clothing for personal use, toiletries, and professional equipment including one still camera and/or one video camera may be brought into Thailand without duty.
  • Buddha images, Thai art and Bodhisattva images or fragments thereof are forbidden to be taken out of Thailand. Exceptions exist only for worshipping by Buddhists, cultural exchanges or studying purposes and a license must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts. Where an export license is required it must be obtained from the Department of Fine Arts irrespective of whether the items are original or reproductions before they may be taken out of The Kingdom of Thailand. For further information contact the Department of Fine Arts.
  • Certain species of fruits, vegetables and plants are prohibited. Please contact the Agricultural Regulatory Division in Bangkok for more details.
  • A reasonable amount of used household effects, accompanied by the owner on change of domicile, may be taken into Thailand free of duty.

Health Regulations for Visiting Thailand

No specific inoculations or vaccinations are required to visit Thailand but please note the points below.

  • Travellers from Ebola affected West African countries will need to register with the Thai Ministry of Public Health upon arrival into Thailand and contacted daily over a 21-day period to determine if symptoms present.
  • Malaria is endemic in certain regions in Thailand, mostly along the borders with Myanmar in the north and Cambodia in the south. Travellers to Thailand should seek specific guidance from their local health professional at least one month prior to travel.
  • Yellow fever certificates are required for those who are coming from the following countries Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Angola, Barkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Sudan and Zaire.
Mon Aug 15 2016
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